Why Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Aloe VeraGel?

The marriage of these proven and gentle ingredients coupled with emollient rich organic shea butter just made good sense.

Both ingredients are naturally moisturizing. Organic extra virgin olive oil is full of antioxidants, it soothes dry itchy skin and has anti-aging properties. Organic aloe vera gel aids with the healing of minor skin irritations and reduces skin inflammation.

O+A| EVERYDAY® feels and smells great! Calming lavender enhanced with warm sandalwood undertones or sensual frankincense and myrrh with hints of citrus and cardamom, O+A|EVERYDAY®is always lovingly hand blended in small batches.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Kenon-Hunt, the creative force behind O+A |EVERYDAY® is a connoisseur of clean beauty and a master of style. Hailing from Queens NY, she uses her knowledge of city living to find balance in practical luxury and minimalism. Luxury doesn't have to be complicated. O+A |EVERYDAY®, is crafted using simple and healing ingredients. Mixed in small batches, It was born out of the need to remedy a host of skin concerns for her family. While it is indeed healing balm, it’s so much more. When not saving the world from the woes of dry skin and dull senses, Vanessa can be found styling spaces into layered brilliance, binging podcasts while running errands or, hula-hooping to classic soul in her backyard.

"Luxury doesn’t have to be complicated.”