The uninvited yet expected visitor

Jan 21 , 2022

I decided in December that I would share more of my journal entries in 2022.  Simplistic self care, lifestyle tips and rituals, the adventures of running a small business and everyday musings of a creative middle aged soul.  A lot right?  Yeah, I know.  In typical Ness (that's me) fashion every time I sat down to write I'd immediately say "umm...never mind."  

And then COVID.  COVID, the "uninvited yet expected" visitor arrived at my door three weeks ago. Introduced itself to everyone in my home. The "uninvited yet expected visitor" rolled through and sat 'ya girl all the way down.  I'm home convalescing; taking long hot showers to ease COVID related aches and pains. Upon exiting the shower, while still damp, I slowly lather my entire body with lavender and sandalwood scented "SOOTHE." Afterwards, I slip on something soft and comfortable, sip ginger tea and then I write. 

I am grateful.  I am recovering. 

The visitor has moved on.  I hate uninvited guest.