Apr 23 , 2018

It's true. I say it on the back of every O+A bottle. I really would like to be your friend. Why? Well, I believe you can never have too many friends. In an era where we give so much attention to non-friends: haters, doubters, naysayers, foe's.
I choose to request friendships.

SIDEBAR: When my oldest, Gregory arrived at his new elementary school (many moons ago) he asked me ,"how do I make new friends?" I replied, "show yourself to be friendly." In other words, smile (don't be creepy). Introduce yourself. Show an interest in what others are doing and/or saying. Most importantly, listen. Yes, that's a lot for a kid to take in- but that's how I roll. No, he didn't immediately get it at first, and he did not become everyone's best friend, but he indeed make new friends.

So here's the thing, I am going to do my very best to "show myself to be friendly." I'm Vanessa. Welcome to my world.
It's Monday-my favorite day. It has rained all day. I am smiling as I type this (creepy right?) in my living room. My husband is sitting (actually layed-out) beside me on the couch. The T.V. is on. I am not watching it. I rarely do. Lenox, our labradoodle is barking at his ball under the couch. I am ignoring him because I'm in the middle of introducing myself to you. Nicholas, my youngest is playing with his "TechDeck" finger skateboards. It's raining and "skate-is-life." Skate he must. Gregory is washing dishes. My dishwasher has been on strike (broken) for a couple of weeks. Dog continues to bark. The Hamilton Musical soundtrack is playing in the background. Both children and my husband are singing (I guess you can call it singing) along. Controlled chaos.
I'm Vanessa. An Introverted-extrovert. I think way too much about things big and small. I love music, art , home decor and food. I love magazines that are about music, art, home decor and food. Yup, I'm not that complicated. Oh, yeah I love fashion. If it's dope. I dig it.
Welp, that's me. Today. I'm constantly evolving. So check back in every so often to see what's anew. I'm glad we are friends